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Mobile Website Design & Development

Mobile-optimized web development

With their tiny screens, puny batteries, and slow-loading pages, mobile devices demand special considerations from web designers in order to create pages which can be displayed clearly and effectively for selling and customer service. Here in Tucson, Wildcat SEO is the expert in mobile web site design and support. We have more than twenty years of experience with local digital media design optimization and publishing, and we also provide the area’s best search-engine optimization (SEO) for local businesses who want to sell more online.

Optimized web site designs for mobile devices

Users of phones and other mobile devices have needs different than those of office-dwellers with desktops. Since most Internet users will only wait an average of three seconds before giving up on a slow-loading page, Wildcat’s mobile web development team works hard to ensure that your company’s web pages load very quickly when requested by mobile devices. And, we’ll bring a business solution that ensures your site is displayed effectively on any mobile device.

Improve the performance of your web site when displayed on mobile devices

We’ll design your web pages so that they can be displayed on mobile equipment with lightning speed and exceptional small-screen clarity and resolution. Our talented artists and designers have mastered the art of reducing the size of the view without affecting the readability of your written text or graphic content.

We give your company a rich graphic presentation with strong impact on the “small screen”

Our mobile web site development team will optimize the performance of your web site so that it sends only the exact content needed by phones and mobile devices. Even more importantly, we streamline the applications coding for your site, which reduces operating costs. You save money, and your mobile-optimized web site sells more.